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"Every quilter has a masterpiece inside"

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Back in 1996 when I decided to open up a quilt shop, I couldn't get the name "Quilter's Haven" out of my mind. Why? Because by definition a haven is “a place of safety and shelter”. That was exactly what I wanted to provide for my customers and that was the goal I set for myself.


I had a name and a mission: next was finding the perfect location. I just happened to be shopping in the Historic Downtown area of Menominee, Michigan and spotted an empty store. I peeked in and there was an 18 ft. tin tile ceiling that looked like a quilt! I knew it was meant to be.

Hi, I'm Chris Caselton, Owner of Quilter's Haven, Ltd.!

We started off small, but quickly grew!

With help from friends and family the doors of Quilter's Haven, Ltd. opened July 8, 1996. We started out with approximately 1,000 bolts of fabric, plenty of patterns, books and notions and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. We offered classes at all levels of experience and met many new and dear friends along the way.


Through the years our reputation grew and many people traveling through or visiting our area also became our friends - some even moved or retired to our Marinette/Menominee area. Over time our inventory grew as well as our customer base. When all seemed to be going well, on Sept 1, 2007, I  received a note from my landlord which stated that I had to find a new location and I had 90 days to do so.


When you are in a small town it is hard to find the perfect spot- especially when you are in one already.  Luck was with me though. In October I found a building just down the street with 15-foot ceilings, a beautiful view of Lake Michigan and Green Bay, and even more room. I purchased the building so I won't have to worry about moving again!

A community staple for over 18 years

On December 1st in 2007, a bright winter day, about 40 friends helped finish the move by carrying the remaining bolts of fabric from the "old store" to the "new store". The parade of folks bolting down the street made the front page of our local newspaper. The move proved to be very much for the best – we expanded our inventory to include around 4000 bolts of high quality fabrics and the new classroom size is larger. We are now even able to provide a long arm (26" Innova) quilting machine for rent. And the best part for me is that my customers like the new place even better than the old shop!


After 15 years I can honestly say that I have created a "haven" for thousands of people. My biggest satisfaction is in knowing that when someone comes in, maybe not feeling well or possibly they are experiencing a personal tragedy, or perhaps they just need uplifting- if they leave feeling even a little better I have accomplished my goal.

Chris Caselton